About CD Hungary

CD Hungary's legal predecessor was established by the Foreign Ministry. Since 1992, CD Hungary has operated as a public stock company. Our basic mission is still to supply homes and residences to those accredited to the foreign embassies and missions in Budapest and to respond to their changing service needs.

CD Hungary is profit-oriented. Our services now are no longer exclusively available to the Diplomatic Corps, but to all clients demanding properties and services much better than average properties and services.
CD Hungary has a unique property portfolio. The floor area of our more than 430  properties is no less than 72000 m2, in 78 sites.

Part of the portfolio consists of condominium and villa properties, whose price range from 50 to 650 million Forints. These have exceptional location and many are designed as historical buildings.

The majority are in Buda's most desirable areas, the 2nd and 12th Districts (in capital's green belt) and close to the city centre. CD Hungary also has fine properties located in the 6th District, the traditional embassy quarter, and the Zugló, a central quarter of Pest which is noted for its charm.