Our clients need not spend time queuing in order to process property rented from CD Hungary. Our Company besides being engaged in renting its own properties provides a non-stop and wide range of services that ensure more convenient environment for its partners and release them from daily routine.

The facility managament industry across Europe is a rapidly developing business are. These facilities and services are coordinated within the organization to manage the facility deals.

CD Hungary Ltd., up until 2001, only carried out the operation of its owned properties. This helped the company to gain specific experience within their own circle  of tenants.

Since CD hungary Ltd., within Hungary, has operated in the service-related field for decades, with accredited diplomats, embassies, residences, embassy buildings and diplomatic buildings high-level quality of service is guaranteed to its customers. 

We have  27 reference properties under our operation, which include an area of 186 674 square meters. These operational processes involve real estate located in office buildings, residential areas, embassies, stores, cultural institutions, bank buildings, shopping centres, schools and logistics center as well.

Besides CD Hungary Ltd's own properties, we also operate with divers range clients, including the OTP Property Fund Management, The British Embassy, Budapest Innovation Park, Europa Center, Treasury property management, Raiffeisen Bank, etc..

Since this activity is of a highly confidential nature, we select our staff very carefully. This is based on their work experience, the number of years that they have worked within a tried and tested system of quality assurance, which all provide a level of guarantee for our business partners. In  2001, CD Hungary Ltd, moved towards the open market, where the previously acquired experience and knowledge, of its existing background base, could tender for the various tasks.

CD Hungary Ltd with its previously established organizational structure specializes in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to it. CD Security Ltd. takes care of the security services side of the business, while the integrated service team looks after the business of the organization. The technical background is provided by the Technology Department.

CD Hungary Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and with the professional liability insurance, which they also have, in addition to the accurate and proper documentation is carried out by the integrated management control software.

Our background

  • own fleet of vehicles
  • experienced team of professionals
  • service dispatcher
  • qualified sub-contractors

Our Experts

  • group manager
  • service dispatcher
  • administrative group
  • operations group (professional activities)

Trouble shooting - the availability of a 24-hour dispatching service, which can be reached on: 325-7250

Service group manager, Sándor Meszter can be reached on: 325-7177/301, and on 06202848140, or by email:

CD Hungary offers 3 main service areas: The carrying out of security tasks, infrastructure services, and technical services.

 Please click on our services, which are listed below, to view a detailed description.

Manned security services

We can provide a continuous 24-hour service, according to customer demand, but other special working arrangements can be solved, within the given object in security and reception duties.
CD Hungary demands that security guards obtain knowledge for special skills. Other services also available within this field include: Persons with language skills, persons with special knowledge of self-defence, while guards and service dogs can also be provided.

The installation and maintenance of safety equipment

In the personal and security fields, as well as the traditional guarding of premises, CD Hungary can also take care of the security installation, and maintenance deals.

Security system equipment:

  • Radio and inter-connecting security systems
  • Electronic Traps
  • Special access control systems
  • Remote control devices, (electric gates, barriers, alarms systems according to your demands)
  • Indoor and outdoor closed-circuit video systems
  • Wireless transmission and smoke and fire detector systems

We place  special emphasis on using technical tools, which meet today''s requirements and standards (MABISZ-license, postal-license, etc.).

Cleaning and connected services

CD Hungary Ltd undertakes the building hygiene tasks, including daily cleaning of toilets and major cleaning work.
The daily cleaning tasks include: offices, homes, corridors, the cleaning of stairwells, five days a week, or seven days a week, if desired.
Major cleaning tasks:

  • The cleaning of carpets, curtains and upholstery
  • The cleaning of radiators before the heating season begin
  • The cleaning of windows, and where necessary high rise window cleaners
  • The cleaning of window frames
  • Cleaning of Venetian blinds
Gardening and landscaping care

Our company employs professionals with a high professional competence for the purpose that is needed, together with all the necessary technical equipment required. Depending on the season, activities can be undertaken, including the removal of snow in the winter months, and making sure the area and grounds are not slippery.
We will undertake:

  • Regular landscape maintenance works
  • Maintenance of grass areas
  • Replacement of frozen grass, shearing and removal of the cut grass
  • Continuous removal of weeds
  • Spring pruning and cutting back where necessary, and the removal of cut parings.
  • We also undertake to replace any dead plants.

An annual activity plan by the gardener is carried out based on the description.


A specialist will report to evaluate the reported problem within 2-6 hours of the call being made.

  • Continuous 24-hour hot-line
  • Building engineer
  • Electrician work
  • Carpentry work
  • Masonry work
  • Painting and coating work
The maintenance of central equipment

The maintenance of the central equipment, in the interest of ensuring the continual operation of the property. All of the building’s mechanical systems and equipment, electrical networks and equipment, repair and maintenance of the security systems.

Special services

Building engineering non-stop 24-hour fast service:

24-hour dispatch service availability: 06 1 3257250